So my friend gave me silly writing prompts and I indulged them

Involving camels in space and kangaroo birds in the ocean.

Space Camels

    The two suns’ heat was beating down on the dry land, colouring the sky a mix of blues and reds from where they arose. The trio on camel back rode on, the silence thick in the air. They had odd suits and helmets on, as did the creatures they rode, to protect them from the atmosphere’s chemical structure.

    Many would wonder why the three were so disappointed, but they expected more - having left their worlds of nothingness hoping for more, and yet they were here in an ever expansive desert finding exactly what they left. Nothing. And the fact that they had nothing in common with the people they rode with, besides a basic common ancestor, drove them wild.

    “…what was your planet like?” asked one, tall and ugly - covered in spores and bacteria that clung to him. He was trying to be a bit less stubborn than the other two, and figured might as well get to know each other, while stuck out here.

    “Mine was green. It was a moon, orbiting this beautiful gas giant that filled the skies,” responded one, voice high pitched and prim.

    “Why’d you leave?”
    “After a while, the wonders of nature only can excite one for so long. I wanted something besides that.”

    “And how about you?” Asked the ugly one to the last one, a frail creature that road ahead with the map, leading the way to nowhere. The frail one looked back, all that could be seen was the reflection of the first two in the helmet. He was glaring, but it couldn’t really be told. He said nothing, and looked back to the horizon, leading on.

    The ugly one and the prim one began to talk more and actually got along - after weeks and weeks of company. But the frail one only simply ever whispered orders in a harsh whisper, and otherwise kept quiet, and distant. The two didn’t particularly mind. Honestly, the three camels altogether got along much better than the astronauts.

    Kangaroo Birds in the Ocean

    Sailing wasn’t easy, but Elinore got used to it after years of practice. The feeling of the saltwater tainted wind passing through her hair hypnotized her, and she stared out into the tropical ocean, an overwhelming sense of happiness shooting through her. It was just her and water, and she loved that.

    Well, it wasn’t just her and the water. She heard a large splash to her left and her head snapped to the direction, looking over the deck to see what just happened. She saw some bubbles rise from the water, and then, a large creature shoot out with a fish in it’s mouth, flying away. She would swear later on it was a kangaroo with wings, a kangaroo bird. She would also not be listened to.

    Now, day after day, she goes to the same spot and waits. And sometimes she gets a glimpse of the elusive creature hunting, fierce and resilient. She wondered where it flew off to.


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